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            Sennen Tithe Apportionment 1838

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Sennen is the most western parish in the United Kingdom and includes the Lands End. Rick Parsons the owner of the West Penwith Resources site produced the above map of the parish which will help you identify where the settlements, farms and homesteads were situated in 1838 when the Tithe map was drawn up. I have also drawn maps showing the actual settlements and surrounding fields. But before you look at these please read the background information below.

In 1838 the government ordered that a new tithe map and agreement be drawn up for the Sennen parish and a record made of who owned the land and who worked it. A meeting was held and an agreement made as to what tithes would be paid. and on the 30th of November 1838 the Tithe Commissioners confirmed the agreement for the commutation of tithes. The tithe map and the book that accompanies it are kept at the Cornwall Record Office. There is also a filmed copy at the Local Studies Library Redruth. I know of one other hard copy which is in the hands of a private individual which was bought at Auction some years ago. Working from these sources I have been able to glean the following information.

The basis of the agreement was as follows:


Sheep - one penny; for each lamb - two pence; for the tithe of each garden - five pence; for members of the family above sixteen years of age - twopence; for each colt - two pence; for each goose above ten and under seven - one half penny."

"The whole parish of Sennen contains by estimation two thousand and fifty acres of land by statute measure.

The whole quantity of the lands of the said parish which are subject to the payment of any kind of tithes is by estimation two thousand and fifty acres by statute measure.

The whole quantity of lands subject to tithes within the said parish which is cultivated or arable is by estimation four hundred and sixteen acres statute measure.

The whole quantity of land subject to tithes within the said parish cultivated as meadow or pasture land is by estimation eight hundred and thirty four acres statute measure. 

There is no land subject to tithes within the said parish now cultivated as woodlands.

The whole quantity of Moor, Marsh Furze and Heath land within the said parish subject to tithes so far as such land is subject to tithes is by estimation eight hundred acres statute measure.

The under mentioned moduses or prescription or customary payments are payable instead of the under mentioned tithes of the said parish, that is to say;

For each fat bullock - one shilling; for each milch cow - six pence; for each bare cow - four pence; for each


The valuers who were appointed from outside the parish were William Marrack of Penzance, John Semmons the younger from the parish of Gulval and William Richards of Penzance. 

Having carried out their valuation a meeting was held of all interested parties at the First & Last Inn on April 7th 1838. The outcome of the survey was announced the it was agreed to set a gross rent of five hundred and thirty pounds to be paid to the Deanery of St Buryan who were the tithe owner in lieu of tithes. The decision was sent to London for approval and on the 30th of November the Tithe Commissioners attached their seal setting the tithe as per the schedule that had been drawn up.

I have drawn up the following pages using the map and schedule It shows who owned the land, who leased it and who worked or lived on it. It also shows the amount of rent the land owner had to pay in liue of Tithes.

Note 1. Dionysus Williams had died in 1830 but his estate was still not settled. Where his name appears as the owner it is in fact part of his estate.


Sandra and George Pritchard are the authors of original work on this site.  They give permission to copy and use this information on the following conditions.

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 2. The source will be credited.


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